Kevin Nivone • Graphic Designer • Dallas, TX

Conceptual app design from the HBO comedy 'Silicon Valley'


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD   
The Idea

When designing, I'm often inspired by TV, pop culture, movies, and social media. Wanting to expand my design skills and knowledge in UX/UI, it made sense to design an app based off Jian Yang's hilarious idea for an app in 'Silicon Valley'. Described as the "Shazam of food" by his investor, Erlich Bachman, the SeeFood app allows the user to take a picture of any meal and will instantly get the recipe and ingredients to make it. The demand it took to create such an incredible app in such little time led Jian Yang to instead create a much lesser version of the app known as the "Not Hot Dog" app. So my curiously to see how an app like this would turn out led me here.
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